Two weeks in my quarantine life.

After Thankgiving break, my family and I found out we were exposed to COVID-19 during Thanksgiving, so, we quarentined for two weeks. Today, December 11, is our last day. During these two weeks, we tried to make the most of our time being together since it is very rare for all six of us to be together. With my dad working all the time, and me being a student athlete, someone is always gone. We really charished just being together. 

During the first week, we just learned to adapt to our new way of living. Dad worked from home, and I worked on schoolwork  everyday, but since my sisters are so little, it was a lot to keep everyone occupied. My sisters are five, three, and one and always wanted to see what dad and I were up to. We were constantly hollering for them to get out so we could finish our work. Most nights during the first week consisted of dinner, popcorn, and movies, and we enjoyed every moment. 

Week two was a little different. My dad was able to get a COVID test so he returned to work on Tuesday. Although I had to remain home, it was nice to sleep in. As life is finally starting to return to the new normal, we learned to charish every moment we have together because there arent many. I am thankful for this experience even though it was hard to do some things. I am thankful for safety and that no one in my home was sick, and everyone is healthy again. Quarantine is not as bad as some people may think. 



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