Artificial Hearts

Heart Disease in USA alone has a significant amount of people that die each year. On average, there is 610,000 people yearly, and that is only in America. In 1967 , that was the year a surgeon performed the first heart transplant in Cape Town.  Bodies then would just reject the foreign substance and it would weaken the immune system. Patients then would just die over a short period of time because of bacteria which caused infection. Over the years, surgeons kept trying the artificial heart by changing the name and changing functions of how the blood flows. Patients kept living a little longer than others but just not living long enough. Artificial hearts are trying to copy the functions of the heart, and mimicking the natural blood flow. Scientist today are now trying other ways for the artificial heart with a huge difference, they won’t beat. They came up with a Hemopump.  A screw inside the pump spun, causing the blood in the heart to travel to the rest of the body. The cause of this is having no heart beat because of no ejection of the blood in spurts. There are many types of artificial hearts, and they are only becoming more advanced. The Impella has a small motor that sits inside the device at the end of the catheter. The Heartmate ll works like crutches for the heart. FDA approved this in 2010 and close to 20,000 people have been living for about 10 more years.

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