Bro Tips: Get a Watch

Bro Tips was created in hopes of helping bros improve their lifestyle with small life hacks, tips, and tricks.

This week’s Bro Tips: Get a Watch.

You shouldn’t be walking around with naked wrists, you’re missing out on a opportunity to make your outfit 10x more stylish.

By wearing a watch, it gives off the vibe that you’re more put together. (If you’re trying to get a certain someone’s attention)

Now it doesn’t have to be a expensive Rolex, not everyone has that type of budget. I recommend looking at Timex, a well known brand with strong history. Timex has great options starting from $35 that looks more than what it actually is.

To even add more versatility, you can buy more watch straps to make it look like a whole new watch.

Programmer at J98/KREI Radio.

Director & Editor at KnightVision Media.

I like technology, photography, video games, and sports.

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