Scientist David Goodall Dies at 104

David Goodall, an Australian scientist, who fought for the right to perform physician assisted suicide sadly ended his life last Thursday. For the people who don't know what physician assisted suicide is; it's basically when a doctor receives permission to commit the assisted suicide on numerous accounts saying that the patient no longer wants to live due to extreme illness. The 104 year old had quite an amazing life, he was a grandfather to 12 amazing grandchildren who all helped receive donations to get Goodall back to his hometown of Perth, Australia, he was originally in London to receive the proper treatments. Goodall had someone assist his suicide because he felt that he was no longer living the best life he could. Over the course of his career he published an edited version of the 30 volume series called, “Ecosystems of the World.” Mr. David Goodall lived an amazing, long life and he will surely be missed not just by the world of science but also by anyone who was ever influenced by Dr. David Goodall.

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