Staff Spotlight: Adam Steel

KnightVision Media is rolling out a new weekly segment called “Staff Spotlight” where we showcase staff members of the Farmington School District. This is in effort to inform the student body of their educators. In the first ever Staff Spotlight, we interviewed Adam Steel, teacher of KnightVision Media.

Q: With these changes coming to the KnightVision Media Department, can you tell the student body what is happening?

A: “Big things are changing in the world of KnightVision Media. We have a new outlet for our students to post news and to showcase their journalism skills. Not only is it new for us, it's new for the state of Missouri. We are the first school in the state to participate in this platform. It's a great opportunity for our students. I'm very excited for the community to check this out! We're also in the middle of renovations to the KnightVision studio. Hopefully that finishes soon.”

Q: With these changes, what are you most excited for?

A: “I'm the most excited for this website. Colleges look at these articles. And our students have the chance to be featured on the national front page. I think it's going to be amazing.”

Q: This is only your second year as a teacher in the Farmington School District, a lot of students still do not know you, can you share something about yourself to the student body?

A: “I'm still new to the world of education, but I'm loving it. I graduated SEMO with my BS in Film Directing and Screenwriting. Through having the work experience, I was able to get this position and it's been the most incredible job I've ever had.”

Q: What are the goals that you want to achieve in your time here at Farmington?

A: “I want to light a spark in this program that will catch on. There's a lot of natural talent in Farmington High School in terms of journalism and tv production. I'm hoping to build this department into a showcase of student talent. Especially if that will lead to students pursuing this career path in college.”

Q: Who do you think should be featured next on Staff Spotlight?

A: “Everyone is going to be featured in the spotlight, so no one will be skipped. But I'd love to hear from Sgt. Weekley next.”

Stay tuned for more Staff Spotlights coming in the future. If you have any recommendations, tweet us @KnightVisionMedia.

Programmer at J98/KREI Radio.

Director & Editor at KnightVision Media.

I like technology, photography, video games, and sports.

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