FHS Travels to SLU For Medical Experience

On Wednesday, January 10th, students from Mrs. King's Anatomy class and Mrs. Denman's CNA program traveled to Saint Louis University to attend the “Adventures in Medicine and Science” workshop. The full day workshop was split into two parts: for the first half students were treated to two dissections and the second consisted of time to go into the cadaver lab, and have personal experience with cadavers.  

During the first half students spent time in the theatre where they heard presentations form, and watched dissections by, a Urologist and an OB/GYN. Each doctor spent about 45 minutes to an hour discussing the different parts of each sexes reproduction system, the functions of each part, and common diseases that affect them. After that attention was moved to the actual dissection. The doctor’s each removed, or demonstrated, different parts of the reproductive system on actual cadavers. The operation was projected onto screens, giving the students a great view of each procedure.

After this students were escorted down to the cadaver lab itself, where they were split into small groups of 8-10. Each group had one cadaver to view and a Med School student who was currently attending SLU. The cadavers were cut open with precision, with all organs still present, but viewable. The med students lead a two and a half hour presentation of the cadaver, showing each different part and body system from the chest to the knee. As these were going on a tray with different human hearts and a bran were passed around, to show to the high schoolers. It offered real-world experience with medicine, and was an unparalleled educational experience for all who attended.

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