A new nanotechnology that is being used to help regrow organs and heal injuries is called Tissue Nanotransfection (TNT). Nanotechnology is the use of technology that deals with measuring objects between 1 to 100 nm allowing products to be lighter, to be more efficient, and precise. Scientist created a tiny device that is placed on the surface of the skin of a human allowing it to deliver genes to the skin cells beneath it. It does this by using electrical fields that is harmless to humans. This technology is being used to help alter genetic mutated genes. The genes delivered from the device will potentially help by turning them into different types of cells to perform the duties that are necessary. It has only been tested on pigs and mice, where researchers have seen dramatic results.There is currently research being done to make this technology useful for Parkinson’s disease. This technology cannot be used on other parts of the body besides the surface of the skin. In the near future, scientist expect TNT technology to be extremely helpful in the medical field.

Hello! Welcome to my page. I am a junior a FHS and when I'm not writing articles for Fusfoo, I enjoy to go on adventures, be active, and hang out with friends. 

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