Dead People You Should Know: Carl Jung

Birthday: July 26th, 1875, Kesswil, Switzerland

Known For: 35+ books, founded analytical psychology, the human shadow, archetypes, anima and animus, extroversion and introversion, synchronicity, and collective unconscious

Graduated From: University of Basel

Institutions: Burghölzli, Swiss Army (commissioned officer in WWI)

Spouse: Emma Jung

Died: June 6th, 1961, Küsnacht, Zürich, Switzerland

Carl Gustav Jung was a Swiss psychologist who founded many principles and ideas about the human mind. Some of his most notable work is his idea on introversion and extroversion. Introversion being more secluded and timid while extroversion being outgoing and bold. Although he did not create the idea he was the man who made it popular. The human shadow is one of his less popular works but perhaps due to its dark nature, people are more willing to overlook it. Jung described the humans shadow as everything we as humans don’t want to admit about ourselves. “It is quite within the realms of possibility for a man to recognize the relative evil of his nature, but it is a rare and shattering experience for him to gaze into the face of absolute evil”. This quote by Carl Jung captures the darkness but necessity of his work. Carl Gustav Jung may have passed in 1961, but his works still affect modern psychologists and philosophers such as Jordan B. Peterson. Although many of his works are dark, we must examine them if hope to discove

Austin Atnip is a first year journalism student at Farmington High School. Interested in politics, psychology, swimming, and current events.

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