Hypoallergenic Cats

For cat lovers their worst nightmare ever is being or living with someone who is allergic to cats. Have no fear! Your prayers have been answered. There are ten breeds of cats that are hypoallergenic. This means that these cats are either hairless or produce less of the glycoprotein Fel d 1 in their hair.

**If your allergy is super severe and your still not sure whether or not you can be around these cats, then check with your doctor for more information.

Russian Blue

Russian Blues are known to be super intelligent and playful. They are the type of cats who love to play, but they are also shy and tend to be more to themselves. They tend to be easier to train also. They seem to be the most common hypoallergenic cats. (Like you can find them at adoption centers not always $1000 or more)


It may surprise people that the Balinese is hypoallergenic because of his long hair, but actually long haired cats tend to shed less than short hairs. They are known luxurious coats and their positive interaction with humans they are fond of. They are also known for being intelligent cats. They tend to be more energetic and good natured.


Known for their leopard like coat, bengals are very curious creatures.  These cats are not good for first time cat owners though. They require a lot of attention but are very fun cats. Like many other cats they are known for their intelligence. They are usually only available from special breeders and are very expensive.

Devon Rex

Devon Rex have a small structure with very short, curly hair. They are known for being “forever kittens at heart”. They hardly shed which is good for people with cat allergies because there are less allergens around peoples’ homes. They are very good with people and are good with other pets, older children, and guests. They are good travelers and great therapy cats.

Oriental Shorthair

These big eared felines are very affectionate. They require attention and close watch over their diets. They have slender, elegant bodies and they are loyal to their owners. It is a hybrid of the siamese and has similar traits as them. They are also very intelligent and love to be pet.

Cornish Rex

The cornish rex has very short hair and their characteristics are described as dog like. This because they will play fetch with their owners and will perform tricks. They are very active cats. These cats LOVE people and love to be held. They are usually super friendly and are good around other animals and people.


Siberians are known for their fluffy fur and full manes. These cats love to play in water and be near their owner when they are doing just about anything. They are also very active and clever. But hide your jewelry! This cat will play with anything he gets his hands on. This cat is also a very good therapy cat!


LaPerms’ curly coats are not only unique, but they are also less likely to spread dander. It is proven that people with cat allergies do really well with their breed. LaPerms have a sense of humor and are very mischievous. They can open doors with their paws and will tap on your shoulder when they want something. They don’t require a lot of attention but they like to be around their owners and will follow them around. Also unlike most cats if you throw something the LaPerm will fetch it. They are usually very patient cats and are good with visitors as long as they were socialized as kittens.


This cat is probably the most known for being hypoallergenic, because of their lack of hair. Since that is usually what people are allergic to, this is the perfect foul proof hypoallergenic cat. These cats do not like being carried or being pet a lot, but they love attention. This cat is unusual because it wrinkles unlike most other cats. 


These cats are very opinionated and you can tell exactly what their thinking. They are super playful and love toys, but beware. If you don’t leave these cats entertainment they will likely find your couch or toilet paper rolls as their new toys. They love climbing trees, playing fetch, and solving puzzles. These cats love attention and will complain if its not given to them.


This cat is unique for its werewolf like face. It's also unique because when it gets older they will shed all of their hair. They will eventually grow it back though based on the season. These extremely rare cats are still being admitted as a breed so the prices are extremely high. They are very active and affectionate. This cool act is worth the buy if you have the money for it.

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