Staff Spotlight; Samantha Gegg

Samantha Gegg is a 3rd year teacher at the Farmington High School.  I luckily got a chance to talk to her during her very hectic schedule.  I asked her a little bit about herself.

“I'm not from Farmington, I'm from St. Louis. People don't really know that.  I went to college at Lindenwood University and I  graduated in 2014.” Samantha is a dancer at heart as that is what she originally wanted to do and the dream still lives on as she coaches for FHS.  I asked her why she wanted to be a teacher  "I was just good at english”.  Mrs. Gegg Has a Major in english and minored as an instructor.  She coached in college too, for O'Fallon Township in Illinois.  Outside of work Samantha has a few hobbies “ Dance for sure, I do like to read, I'm obsessed with Netflix and binge watching shows.”  Mrs Gegg says one of the biggest challenges as a young teacher is having her one year old kid; Carter.  She said “ One thing I want everyone to know is that I'm a sweet person, i'm just very sarcastic that's all.”

Junior at Farmington High School,  Commentator for Knightvision media. I really enjoy listening to music  and hanging out with my friends. On air talent/ board operator

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