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Hello Farmington High School! Here at FHS we are introducing a new type of way for our Journalism group! Fusfoo is a very wide spread journalism site, that gives schools around the world to be able to write school news, or their own creative ideas.

Knight vision just started using Fusfoo the beginning of 2018 so it is something very new to FHS and is growing fastly. Since it is so new to Knightvision we are trying to spread it through FHS and have the students in the school interact and get to know the site.

Lainey Sanders has recently went national on the Fusfoo site. At Knightvision we strive to go national and get as many views as possible. For some, journalism might be a future job for the kids, so they really aim to do their best when writing articles for Fusfoo.

So, welcome Fusfoo viewers to Farmington High School’s Knightvision Media. We may be small but we intend grow with Fusfoo as we are still growing knowledge with the site. We are excited to see how Farmington shows light through Fusfoo!

Senior at Farmington Senior High School, Journalist for Knightvision media, Knightline dancer,  and Singer. 

Grew up in a musical family. Although that means I have a wide variety of music that I like, I can be a critic as well. 

Passion for art, fashion and beauty. 

Also I wear pink a lot because I find it to be a very positive feeling color.

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