Interview with Chilean Exchange Student: Tomás Contardo

Tomás Contardo Gannat, from Rancagua, Chile,  is one of the exchange student’s who will be here with us at FHS for 4 weeks, leaving February 5th.

Coming from Chile, Tomás says he was expecting Missouri to be, “...a more urban place” but he likes it and says Farmington High School is much easier than his school in Chile, but he loves the educational system we have here.

He especially likes the fact that everything here is cheaper compared  to his country.

Something else Tomás likes is drama, acting and theater. But he says he’s also a, “Netflix boy too.”

Like Tomás, many of us here are Netflix people too and it seems like Friday nights aren’t much different in Chile then they are here in Missouri. Tomás says he likes to spend his Friday night's, “Meeting with some friends or just stay at home eating snacks and watching Netflix.” We can definitely relate.

With his 4 weeks, Tomás is hoping to find colleges he can apply to once he graduates.

We hope Tomás finds everything he wishes here at FHS and can go back with some great memories and new friendships!

Lainey Sanders is a Senior at Farmington High School. She has professional experience as a writer, having worked and written for 573 Magazine over the Summer of 2017. She plans to pursue her passion of writing into college and then turning it into a career. 

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