Seniors, Keep Calm and Check Your Email!

The class of 2018 is on the last half of their final year in high school. Senioritis has officially sunken in, and is taken a hard blow on everyone. Mrs. Pruett, our senior councelor, has taken the time to sit down and do an interview with Knightvision Media. We also had our class President, Hailey Swain, here and we were able to ask both of them some questions regarding senior information.

Mrs. Pruett is encouraging students to come meet with her about checking that all credits are taken care of for the semesters and to keep up with emails. Also councelors need everyone to make sure they are prepared for graduation. Finally, the councelors will be sending out a list of local scholarships. Make sure you are keeping up with emails to get the latest scoop on what’s what.

From our class President, Hailey Swain, she has informed KnightVision Media that there are events coming up for raising money for prom and project graduation. The next event coming up is on February 10, and that would be the Daddy Daughter Dance. The senior class needs volunteers, if you’re interested email Hailey Swain at So far we have raised $20,000. Let’s keep up the great work FHS! AFA Alzheimer's Foundation of America Scholarship:

Awards:  Winning essay-$5000, Second place-$2500, Third place-$1500, Honorable Mention-$500

Due Date: Feb. 15, 2018

Requirements:  Write an essay on the impact that Alzheimer's Disease has had in your life.

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