Are Record Labels Diverse in Music Genres?

Everyone knows popular artists such as Khalid, Camila Cabello, and Ed Sheeran, but does anyone really think about the record labels that they sponsor? Ed Sheeran is from Atlantic Records, Camila Cabello is from Sony Music, and Khalid is from RCA. 

But what I'm really asking is do these labels have diverse genres in their labels. Camila Cabello and Ed Sheeran have quite different sounds in their songs. According to , Sheeran has a more pop and folksy sound while Cabello has more of a pop and electric sound. However, Sheeran and Cabello are from different record labels. Let's look at other artists that are also signed to the same label as Sheeran. Alec Benjamin is also signed with Atlantic Records. According to the same website, Benjamin also has a pop genre in his music. 

Also, artists like Why Don't We, Ava Max, Coldplay, and Jason Mraz. All of these artists are from Atlantic records and guess what? They're all under the pop genre. Now is this diversity? You tell me.

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