Love and Equality Documentary Makes it to the Tribeca Film Festival!

Fusfoo's Love, Equality, and Protest documentary has been accepted into the Tribeca Film Festival as part of the Our City, My Story Youth Competition! Congrats to the three Fusfoo high school content creators who produced and filmed the project.

The piece will be screened along with other short film finalists, all of whom are in competition for awards in the scripted, documentary and experimental categories. If you live in the New York metropolitan area and want to attend this FREE event, click here.

In the month following Donald Trump’s election as president, America has witnessed an alarming rise in hateful behavior, both online and in everyday life. The growing presence of sexist, racist, xenophobic and discriminatory energy has spurred countless brave individuals to take a stand and display unconditional unity, proving that hate is not the default attitude of all Americans. On December 3, Fusfoo students Charlie Ehrman, Julia Newman and David Baez attended the NYC Love & Equality Rally in Washington Square Park, a gathering held in response to a KKK Donald Trump victory rally happening in North Carolina. The warmth and acceptance captured in their video of Washington Square Park is a powerful counterpoint to the hate expressed by groups like the KKK, and serves as a reminder that hate is a weakness that cannot survive when confronted with love.

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