4 Gross Ingredients in makeup

The next time you want to slap on some makeup, or go to the salon for a facial, you might want to rethink your decision. There are some weird and nasty ingredients in our favorite makeup that no one seems to know about.

Snail Mucus. Yes snail slime just like Gary from Sponge bob's is a common ingredient used in Korean facial products and spas. Snail slime is marketed as acne and scar treatment. Snail facials are even a hot commodity around the world. 

Baby foreskin. Yep.... foreskin.. from a baby. Human tissue has a protein called epidermal growth factor that promotes anti-aging. Many high end spas use the stem cells from cloned foreskins in their facial, even some celebrities like Sandra Bullock have stated they've gotten this facial done.

Cochineal beetles. Cochineal beetles are commonly used to make red dye. This means that there is a high chance that in your blush, eye shadow, and lipstick there is some little beetle bits. Cochineal is even in your food. 

Tallow. Tallow is a fatty substance from cow carcass. This presents an issue for vegans and is even classified as a suspected environmental toxin in Canada. 

I'm pale, I'm freckly, and I'm weirder than anyone can imagine. But in all the best ways. 

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