Tragic Fire at the Notre Dame Cathedral

The Notre Dame cathedral in Paris, France is a well known landmark that has been around for hundreds of years. The Structure was built beautifully according to the french Gothic architecture of the time period. 

About midday yesterday, the roof of the Notre Dame caught fire causing the spire on the roof to collapse in. The majority of the art work was able to be saved due to quick thinking on the community who  formed a human chain of people to quickly pass art out of the burning building. 

The west rose window, which had been the smallest of the rose window in the building at 9.6 meters in diameter and made in 1225, now has no glass remaining left.  

As of today, the building is structurally sound and plans have already been but into place to hopefully have the Cathedral rebuilt in the next fire years. The building will not be safe to enter for another 48 hours, but the rebuilding will start ASAP. Over 30 million dollars have already been funded to be put into the restorations.


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