Why do we have Daylights savings.

I hate daylight savings. And after a quick poll of all my fusfoo comrades, they all do too. The fall change, when we gain an hour, is not so bad. I feel better rested, I wake up to sunshine and birds singing ... all in all not so bad. 

But the spring! When we move the hour ahead and lose one.. that's the real kicker. Currently I wake up at 5:45 in complete darkness, stumble my way to the bus, and generally just feel awful because my body still feels like its waking up at 4:45.  It doesn't matter what time I go to bed and how much sleep I get, my body feels like its waking up so early and it just knows it wrong. And because of this, I take so much longer to adjust to the new time than in the fall. 

So why do we have this nonsense? 

Blame Benjamin Franklin, who designed the idea to better utilize sunlight. The main points behind the process is that in the summer, more daylight is needed for commuters and to get things done in general.  Winter has the same reasoning where the time period people work was meant to coincide with the light.  In an age of electricity, this is also meant to cut down on energy waste and make countries who participate more efficient in their energy use. 

So that is why we have daylight savings. Is it really useful? That depends on who you ask. While I believe we as society should work towards energy efficiency and focus on environmental progress,  the torture my body goes through makes me hate it. 

I'm pale, I'm freckly, and I'm weirder than anyone can imagine. But in all the best ways. 

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