Trying Twinkies: A Life-Changing Experience

Twinkies, as many Americans know, are processed snacks that consist of sponge cakes filled with vanilla cream. They were invented in 1930 by a man named James Alexander Dewar and subsequently grew in popularity across the nation. However, the company that produces twinkies filed for bankruptcy in 2012, temporarily ending twinkie production and causing outrage among some consumers. They returned to store shelves in 2013 after the Hostess company was bought out of bankruptcy.

There are some people who, despite peer pressure as children and the panic ensuing when twinkies were thought to be at their end, remained untouched by twinkies' influence. Today, we gathered 4 students and had them try twinkies for the first time. Their responses varied:

"This tastes like straight chemical." -Shawna

*makes an angry, disgusted face* -Mary

"I'm not mad at it. Honestly, I'm going to finish it." -Ashley

"Is this a sponge??" -Alex

The twinkie consumption that took place resulted in feelings of confusion, disgust, anger, and even acceptance. To truly know the mixed emotions that come with eating your first twinkie, we recommend you try it for yourself. 

 Hi, I'm Ashley M at DVHS!

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