The Necessity for Peaceful Music

A common language spoken across the world has the potential to alter how the people of this world think. The medium is music.  No matter what language one may speak, music can be felt, it can convey a feeling to massive amounts of people. Today’s world is an intense place, one can easily find oneself lost within it, tangled underneath it, or looking for a way out of it; I think there is no better time for a push for peaceful music.

Artists have the right to create music in any way they find appropriate to deliver their message or feeling. There is no problem with aggressive music, or violent music, but I feel that if an acknowledgment of desperation was made the art form could, and has, healed the people who need it most. People find comfort in the things they cannot get away from; depressed people can feel safe in depressed music, a freeway of expression to reach these people is open. The people on the edge of suicide can be reached by music. People who feel completely alone can find a friend in a peaceful avenue. A music that can wrap around these people can save lives, a something that can grab these people can save them. Finding a place in the world while the top of music talks about death, drugs, scars, and upsets can be daunting to get stuck in. A shift towards the brightness that exists in this world, and the expression of common humanitarianism, can show people there is hope, there is an up, there is a light. Showing this light may make it easier for people to find the positive things in life and get through difficult times however steep.  Music has spoken since its conception, the use of it now as a tool for peace is something I feel has been unveiled in the light of the modern era.

The answer for desperation, suicide, anxiety, and other afflictions is not behind the doors of facilities, not in the walls of hospitals. The answers lay in the environment and pathways through which we distribute feeling to one another. The negativity seen in all forms of media, and the hostile nature of some of the world’s climate must be spoken against, or countered if change is what we want to see as humans. Cradling ourselves in music that only speaks of the bad is, yes, an art form and should not be discounted, but also an easy spot to get stuck in. If a peaceful art form could reach to the masses,I think there would be something to say about it in the decades to follow. The problems of depression, anxiety, suicide, and other similar issues are all problems humanity must come together to understand. Humans must use human ways to contact these fellow humans, who have a very human disease. We are all people here on Earth, and those who can speak to the masses could have a lasting impact if what they say shines light into the deep sea of darkness plaguing countless people, many desperate for a method to help.

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