Old School vs. New School Music

Ever hear of Biggie Smalls, 2Pac, Destiny's Child? They are just a couple of the thousands of popular singers and rappers of old school music. I believe old school is much better than the music today. Now don't get me wrong, I like some of the singers and rappers of new school, but  there are many reasons why old school is so much better than the music today.

I think the biggest reason is there's a story in old school music. The story is usually something the world is going through, something the singer or rapper went through, or some story to which people can relate. There's a rap song that's actually one of my favorites called “Self Destruction” by Stop the Violence Movement. It has many  popular rappers and singers talking about all the negative in the world. I think it's very rare if you hear a song nowadays that has a movement to it. There's another popular song called “F*** Da Police,” and it's by a group called N.W.A. It is a protest against the police racially profiling blacks. One more song to which many can relate is “Killing Me Softly” by Fugees. It's a true story about the singer who was in a relationship with this other singer, but then they ultimately broke up. It is about how everything she ever told him he made into a song. Then one night she went to the club where he was singing and heard the song. Most can relate to the song because things don't always seem how they seem.

My other top reason that old school is better is that there is  no auto-tune. Back then you could tell if a person could really sing or not. It was a real voice. You could actually hear the emotion in their voice, not the sound waves. Especially if the lyrics are deep in thought, you could hear how serious the singer or rapper is. I think part of that is how technology wasn’t as developed as it is today.

 My last reason old school is better is that it was a lot harder back then to get famous by singing or rapping.  You actually had to have talent. Today, you could drop a song and it only matters how many views it has to become famous. A lot of times that's all the person wants, to just  become famous so they rap or sing about anything the public wants to hear instead of being true to themselves. Back then you had to have a story, have a vibe, and you had to want it more than anyone else.

If we could bring back some old school music, I think the public would love it.

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