The Importance of Headphones

Most teachers and adults use their phones without any sort of sound or music; that is if they even have a phone to begin with. They always tell us to put our headphones away during class or at the dinner table, and some of them don’t let us have them at all!

I think that headphones are important in this day and age, especially in a working or learning environment. Even when you aren’t working or in school, headphones can be used for fun, like listening to music or watching YouTube videos.

According to, headphones are distracting while taking tests, but can be helpful while studying. If the student hears a familiar sound that they heard while studying, it can help them remember the answer. For people who aren't in school anymore, their boss might not even let them have their phone near them, especially with headphones.

A very important factor that draws people to headphones, specifically teens, is the music that can be provided for only their ears to hear. To teenagers, music is everything. It helps us speak our mind and feelings without actually speaking. It’s not the headphones that we crave, it’s the feeling of not being alone that we all crave.

One of the many things that older folks don’t understand is why we teens buy these headphones for so much money. The prices can range due to the stability of the product, where you get the product, and the product's celebrity endorsement. In a Beats by Dre commercial in 2016, there were many celebrities including Nicki Minaj, DJ Khaled, and Pharrell who all got paid to show off the expensive technology. The price tags can be steep.  The BeatsX, a kind of wireless headphone, is currently being sold for a whopping $149.95.

It’s worth the cost though. Headphones that are expensive because they’ll last longer and have better quality if they are more money. If you buy cheap ones at a convenience store or a dollar store, the headphones will not last that long or sound that good. If you’re like me and listen to loud music, the bass in the headphones will break from the music being too loud. But if you were to buy Beats or Skullcandy, they will last longer, have better quality, and will not break from loud, bass-filled music!

Besides the music, headphones are important to teenagers for other reasons, like watching YouTube videos or watching Netflix on their lunch break in the noisy cafeteria. They can also be used in classrooms for teachers to show videos to their students instead of having to watch the teacher give a lecture.

So, for the people that don’t think that headphones are important or useful in any way, those are the reasons why our youth value these tiny little cords that allow them to be more in tune with what they want to hear!

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