Review: "Battle Symphony" by Linkin Park

There have been many songs released this year that have maintained the standard for excellence. One song, however, excels past this standard and reaches to the skies above. This song is “Battle Symphony” by the band Linkin Park. The song “Battle Symphony” was released on March 16, 2017. It is the second song on their newest album, One More Light.

The band Linkin Park has always been classified as being in the alternative genre. This is one of the main indicators as to why they became famous in a time when this genre was not well known. The song “Battle Symphony” is drastically different than the band’s older works. I feel this is one of the reasons it became such a big hit within the community. Being a fan of Linkin Park, the different style of the song definitely made a big impact. As most people who have listened to the band's old songs know, “Battle Symphony” comes with a twist as it has a more “Pop” sound to it. This shows the band’s evolution as they have spectacularly gotten better over the years.

The other reason this song is so great is it has a deeper meaning and positive message. Many songs today focus on things around us and not all have a deep meaning or anything positive to say about the world.  “Battle Symphony,” however, challenges that trend. The song overall is trying to convey a message of determination and to never give up, a message much needed in our society. The song features lyrics like, “If I fall, get knocked down / pick myself up off the ground” and “This is my battle symphony / all the world in front of me / if my armor breaks / I’ll fuse it back together."  Just in those two lines, evidence of the message is clear. If more bands like Linkin Park continue to provide meaningful lyrics to their fans, maybe we can all learn something from it.

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