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High school is where everyone tries to figure themselves out. Joining all kinds of sports and clubs in the very beginning of high school is probably the best thing a student can do. Once they figure out what they like, or what they think they are good at, they can pursue that for the rest of their high school career.  This even goes for electives. Try the art classes, the extra gym classes, the computer classes, the different music classes, and any subject with extra classes your school offers.

There is always room for beginners, especially as a freshman or a sophomore. Those sports. clubs, and activities are always looking for hidden talent. How is anyone supposed to know what they are good at if they have never tried it?

The point is, try out new things. Do it for YOU. Your friends might not want to try out for drama with you, but that shouldn't matter, because whether tried out for a sport or a play, doing what you enjoy will make you happier. You will make new friends who have similar interests as you, and you'll have closer friends because of that.

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