On Immigration

In a world of political division, debates often neglect logic and resort to straw-man insults and whataboutisms. As I scroll through my twitter feed, I see angry twitter users arguing about immigration policies- Who is able to start a new life from coming to the States with nothing but a few dollars? Who should be given the opportunity to live out the American Dream? During such debates, it is often forgotten that at its core, politics is about the people- not about smear campaigns or political strategy. When we debate topics such as immigration and healthcare, it is imperative that we do not forget that we are talking about the lives of human beings.

President Trump’s hateful rhetoric regarding immigration policies dehumanizes the people behind his words. In case you were wondering-- Yes, immigrants are human beings. Yes, immigrants deserve the all of the natural rights that come with being a human being and no, not every Mexican immigrant is a “bad hombre.” Trump and his administration will do anything to promote his agenda, whether it be through fear mongering or just straight out lying about statistics and crime rates.

A special note to the White House and Congress: you are talking about the livelihood of millions of humans (yes, real people!) who are hoping to start a new life in the States. These people are not chess pieces that can be shoved around to push a political agenda- they are mothers and fathers hoping to provide opportunities for their children. They are students leaving their families and countries behind for the chance to attend college or earn advanced degrees. They are people coming to a land full of opportunity looking to join the so-called “melting pot” of cultures. Let’s not let ignorance and xenophobia get in the way of what America was founded upon- immigrants escaping religious persecution.

Hello, my name is Brian at Delaware Valley High School!

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