Fighting the Common Cold

I'm sick and I'm mad about it. 

Its cold season up here in North-Eastern PA and already kids are keeling over.  Last Friday I noticed my own cold coming in hot. But lucky for me I came up with my own surefire regimen to kick this cold in the tuchus. 

  • A cup of hot green tea, honey optional, at the most twice a day. I always drink it with a meal and not on an empty stomach- green tea without food has been known to cause nausea. 
  • A cup of Echinacea tea before bed. My favorite is Sleepytime Echinacea Complete Care. 
  • Zinc Tablets. The science on zinc for colds is still debated, but I find it cuts down the length of my colds. 
  • Halls honey or cherry cough drops. Honey is good for a very sore throat but I found it leaves a bad aftertaste in my mouth so I prefer the cherry. 
  • Carrying around my own box of tissues so the school's nasty ones done rub my nose raw. 
  • Carrying  around a small bottle of lotion (or in my case a Dixie Cup)  to rub on my nose to help it if it is chapped. If lotion is hard to come by, chap-stick works too. 
  •  I always have a hard time sleeping with a stuffy nose, and I in no way can sleep mouth breathing (drool everywhere) so I found taking medicine helps. I normally do not like be medicated when I do not have to be, but sleep is important. Nasal Sprays, NyQuil, or Mucinex work best for me. 
  • Lots of rest. This one is a given but its really important. Many people do not take days off for colds, but doing this significantly cuts down their length. 

I'm pale, I'm freckly, and I'm weirder than anyone can imagine. But in all the best ways. 

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