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DVSD was one of the first schools to be recruited as a part of the Fusfoo pilot program. Our School Media Center Coordinator took on the responsibility of advertising the new club to the school. At first Fusfoo was new to all of us and we were not really sure where we were going with everything but we knew we had a specific amount of articles we had to submit each month. 

By the second year we had this club almost completely figured out. We now had green screens, lights, cameras, microphones, and more. People were doing interviews around the school on different topics while others wrote political or travel inspired articles. Everyone had a place and little niche.

As a Senior this year, it's kind of sad to see all our little traditions go. Every week Mrs. Eshleman (our coordinator) would bring us all little snacks and goodies to eat while were typing and videoing. We have done little round table videos where we all just shout our opinions over each other. Fusfoo became a place where all of us have been given the freedom to do and say what we want in an amazing atmosphere and surrounded by the best people I could ask for. 

Fusfoo was the best thing to happen to DVSD.

     Aspiring Artist With A Passion For Photography And Traveling The World.

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