What's Worst Than Dying?

Getting 12th place in Mario Kart

Drinking from someone else's cup and tasting water

Finding out you have a life-span of 80 years

Peeling a banana and finding a brown spot

Pulling down your pants and finding a brown spot

Finding out your phone didn't charge all night

Watching a friend eat an orange like an apple

Getting a butterscotch stuck in your throat and throwing up

Hand sanatizer not tasting as good as it smells

Licking your foot after a long day of work

Not kissing Billy Mays before he kissed death

Finding out Shaggy Rogers isn't a real person

Your victim escaping

Finding out candy cherries aren't what real cherries taste like

Living long enough to go through the college application process

Plumber by day, princess capturer by night (In a good way)

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