A New Way to Drink

This week I decided to embark on a journey, a liquid consumption journey.  Instead of drinking my usual 2 bottles of pure leaf sweet tea the normal way I decided to be adventurous. Due to an unfortunate ant problem that arose in my bedroom a few months ago, I found myself with a 8 oz spray bottle from Walmart that needed to be used. So naturally I decided to fill it with sweet tea and spray it into my mouth all day instead of sipping from a bottle. Teachers had a wide range of reaction. Those that know me were not shocked and laughed, I'd even say they appreciated my ingenuity. Other were grossed out,  unnerved, or made no comment. And my friends? My friends just wanted some tea spray. 

But why stop at tea? What's stopping me from filling this baby with other liquids? Nothing that's what. The new year is upon us and a new me also- an adventurous drinker. I plan to fill my blue, Walmart brand 8 oz spray bottle with milk -now I can't bring that to school because warm milk is nasty- but other liquids I can. Gatorade, lemonade, energy drinks, and yes water will all be subjected to my spray. My hope is that it will eventually loose its shock value and be ingrained as a normal action of mine.

My master plan is to fill it with ranch and spray it on my salad, will it be too thick, I will find out. 

I'm pale, I'm freckly, and I'm weirder than anyone can imagine. But in all the best ways. 

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