Making a Difference


How do people "make a difference?" What even is making a difference?

Nowadays, too many people are trying to "change the world" with their revolutionary ideas. Too many people are trying to stand out and be different. Too many people are trying to "make a difference."

Teachers always tell their students while making projects: "Points for creativity," and "Be original," but, too many people trying to all be original would be the new norm, so "being original" would not be original.

Nowadays, it seems like the only way to stand out and actually be noticed is if you are either born different or grew up doing one thing so now you are obviously going to excel in that activity faster than others. It may not seem fair to those who only JUST realized that they have a passion for that activity. Maybe they weren't driven by their parents to do something, or they didn't know what they wanted to do when they were kids. Now they actually have that passion, but they are always pushed down by those who have that huge advantage. Maybe those kids who don't have that advantage just want to be recognized for their talent, but they are in the shadows of the other kids who have been doing it their whole lives, AND they work just as hard. Sounds frustrating.

So, back to being "original" and "making a difference," usually kids who are born different or grew up doing the activity excel, so they are, by default, original. So how do the other kids catch up, and even become a leading figure? They don't have that background, but they do have the drive. Maybe they aren't as pretty, or they don't stand out because they don't dress differently from everyone else, or they don't physically look "amazing." They can do so much, and still be shadowed. How does an average person stand out? Average people don't stand out.

What does stand out is humbleness and kindness. And anyone can do that.

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