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What's the worst commercial you have ever seen/ heard? Why is it so bad?

     I usually listen to the Spotify app, but I often find myself choosing to listen to the radio. Sometimes the commercials about local places are refreshing after a guitar blaring in your ears for a good twenty minutes. Some commercials have been around for a few years, some seem to be way to overplayed, and others are so rare I have only ever heard them once. The overplayed ones do, yes, get very annoying, but they also just end up being more like background noise rather than anything too annoying. 

     But one commercial really upsets me and is so upsetting that it cannot pass as background noise. It is a car dealership commercial, so right off the bat you can already tell that it is going to be annoying to begin with. This particular one, though, is so annoying that I cringe every time I hear it.

     I'm pretty sure I first heard it either this summer or last summer, and it started out with this awful "WOOHOOOOoooooo" noise that made me think; "Okay, this is annoying," but it was a summer commercial, so it made sense that they are trying to make the car dealership "fun." Then they made another, more year-round one with the same "WOOOOOOHOOOOOooooo" that makes my skin crawl. I thought it was over, but I was wrong.

     Everyday, the commercial continued. It was pain. It was so. over. played

     I have heard this wretched commercial on more than one radio station and I hate it, obviously.

     In conclusion, the commercial is bad, I don't want to go there to buy a car, and the commercial is definitely not a contributor to my radio enjoyment.

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