Why This Should Be On Every Bathroom Stall

Have you ever gone to the bathroom and just could not go? Well I think I found a solution.

At first I got this idea because I wanted to be a horrible human being, but I realized it could be used for good.

You may be asking what this is, well let me tell you.

I want to put scary pictures on the inner side of every bathroom stall. You think you are just going to the bathroom, but when you close the stall, you will see an image that will surprise you. Surprise you so much that it helps you go to the bathroom!

I've been talking to my local state representatives and they really like the idea. If you live in Pennsylvania, be on the lookout for a new school policy.

Get this out so President Eisenhower can see!

Plumber by day, princess capturer by night (In a good way)

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