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What is the best and worst purchases you've ever made?


Paper Clips. I love Paper Clips.

The jacket and pants I had to buy so I could be Zoolander for Halloween.

Pet goldfish because I got to watch the strongest warrior kill all of the other fish in an epic battle for food.

My pet cactus Blunt, who was my best friend up until 09/07/2018 when my cats found it and ripped it to shreds.


Powdered sugar because before school I put some in a balloon like other students did in a science class and in the car it exploded and me and my mom frantically tried to get powdered sugar off my clothes right in front of the middle school.

Gum because I leave chewed disgustingness all over the house and my parents yell at me.

A car. A horse and buggy is infinitely better.

Plumber by day, princess capturer by night (In a good way)

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