Why You Should Be Using Paper Fans

They are the easiest things to make. 

  1. Buy paper
  2. Fold it, accordion style 

  • Two steps baby.

They blow the littlest bit of cold air. Unless it is a hot day, then it is hot air.

They make you feel like a Japanese Princess, except your using the cheapest material to fan yourself.

Your fan does not have to be perfect, because you will throw it away in two minutes time.


To get the perfect fan, make sure to:

       •Fold just the right amount of accordion folds. This is for you to discover on your folding adventures. 

       •Unfold and spread out your paper so it can actually be a fan. 

       •Aggressively fan yourself, so you get the most out of it.

       •Have a hard grip on the end of the fan when fanning yourself, so that you do not have to go through the effort of picking it up.

Warning:  Too much friction can start a fire, have marshmallows at the ready.

  • Wow, you read until the end. Your reward is nothing.

Plumber by day, princess capturer by night (In a good way)

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