Old 2000's trends I Miss

Old 90's trends have been talked about so much that the concept of them has been beaten into the dust: frosted tips, chokers... it has been well established that these were staples of the 90's. The early 2000's were definitely a weird and nearly forgotten time. Kids my age aren't considered " 90's kids", but I know  I clearly remember all the iconic trends in the 90's, and I certainly don't related myself to the tide-pod eating generation that I am technically apart of. In many ways people my age feel like they don't have their own identity.. except in fashion. Many 90's trends did merge into  the early 2000's, but there are still distinct 2000's trends that belong to my generation only. Whale tail thongs peeking out of low rise jeans are one. And who could forget gauchos -silky capris that I had in almost every color in 1st grade - jelly sandals, the iconic juicy couture tracksuits, wedged flip flops, and fringed boots. And for accessories, who could forget the ICONIC, silly bands, I Love BOOBIES bracelets, over-sized sunglasses, and studded belts?? Trucker hats, sequined shirts, patched jeans, cargo pants, bell bottoms, and a mini skirt with a belt were also true staples. The fashion also consisted of  a scarf or vest with EVERY outfit, layers on layers, and such bright, often contrasting colors. The fashion was definitely a little out there, and I find myself looking back at old pictures cringing and asking how my mom could ever let me dress like that. But the fashion was still a staple to my generation and besides, it wasn't as bad as the 80's. 

I'm pale, I'm freckly, and I'm weirder than anyone can imagine. But in all the best ways. 

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