Titles Of Articles I Thought About Writing But Realized They Were Not That Good.

Snake Facts: Snakes are Just Long Flimsy Straws

How to Get Kicked Out of a Reptile Exhibit

All Ticks Should Die

Raisins are Still the Worst Thing to Exist, Even After the Naenae

How People have Died from Farts

The Science of Farts

Why Barbie Fairytopia to the Most Underrated Movie of All Time

How I Wasted Everyone’s Time with Article Ideas I Never Do (Including that time i got the whole club to watch Barbie Fairytopia)

The Struggles of a Plumber

The Greatest Impressionists are Inside Every Alligator, or are They Crocodiles

The Parasitic Existential Crisis

Why Shaggy Rogers is My Soulmate

How to Make Crystals for All Your "Rock Collector" Needs

Plumber by day, princess capturer by night (In a good way)

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