Zelda: Breath of the wild Review

After over 5 years in development Zelda: Breath of the wild had fans, like myself, thrilled. The game debut February 9, 2017. Since then it has gotten 10/10 reviews and 100% on other gaming websites and magazines. I wanted to give my full depth review and opinion. The game starts out with a distant voice calling out to link. That voice happens to be Zelda calling out to Link from Hyrule castle. Link then awakens in a pool of water in the shrine of Resurrection. Once acquainted with the controls you use a Sheikah Slate to get out of the shrine and uses it for the rest of his journey.

Now the plot is actually very simple. You go to Hyrule Castle and save Zelda from the main enemy Calamity Gannon. Even tho the plot is simple there are so many factors that play into the basic plot. Let's break down the aspects into 3 categories. The first part is the soundtrack. There are a lot of small tunes when it comes to Zelda. There's the big intense music when fighting Gannon or when inside Hyrule Castle. I love how it can go from that to the lightest music when riding a horse.

While going from village to village the music changes with the atmosphere. Gaming magazine Gameinformer said this about the sound. "The piano focused score can be subtle, but is absolutely stirring when it needs to be. The ambient sound effects of nature expertly sell the often lonely, natural world." Now let's talk more about the plot. Now before I said the plot was basic, but I didn't mean that in a bad way. Yes the plot is simple, but the fact that so many huge things play into into is remarkable.

For instance when just getting out of the Shrine of Ressurection you have to go through four shrines. These shrines are the four building blocks for the rest of the game. Even when traveling to the four devine beasts. Conquring each of them an dgaing the abilities from each of the fsllen champion. Side quests and shrine quests make a good chunk as well. Such as Link tracking down 18 spesific location all around Hyrule to try and get back his memories. 

Now on to the last, but biggest pert in my opinion is the gameplay. Between the different monsters ans shrines. to devine beats an dthe huge Gannon vs Link brawl, these roles make up the amazing gameplay. In my opinoin I love the gameplay, but some people might find things to be quit annoying. Like when your weapon duribility runs out to quick or the little lags here and there, but those are just miner. Overall the 10/10 reviwes are very valied. This game marks a new point in the Zelds franchise.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

I'm a 14 year old who likes to sleep, rant, and play video games. I also like to write and do photography. Besides that I try to think i can bake, but i suck. Hope you have fun reading my stuff!!!

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