Why I listen to classical music

Whenever I find a new piece of music I like, I listen to it over and over again, and somehow my ears never get tired of it. Each time I listen, I notice new things, new interpretations, and new questions arise- "What did the composer mean by this one movement? What is the reason behind the order of the movements? What kind of conversations are occurring between instruments?" For example, in is 6th and last symphony, Tchaikovsky, who was known for his often spectacular, extravagant finales, ends with a sorrowful, heart wrenching statement. Why? Many speculate that this tragic piece of music was his suicide note. Tchaikovsky, ridden with scandals and feelings of depression, utilized his last piece of music to let out his sorrowful cries of despair. 

Classical music has taught me ask the why questions. As we listen to this specific genre of music, we must take into consideration that it is a representation of the composer's emotional state, their feelings, and their entire lives. The way something sounds does not often tell the whole story. Each painstaking detail- chord progressions, dynamics, and articulations are ways the composer leaves their legacy for future generations to experience and even relate to. Its emotional depth and complexity is why I love this genre of music so much.  

Real music, as I have found, tells a story- whether it be of humor, happiness, victory, or emotional despair and allows the listener to empathize with its creator and feel. In times of sadness, solitude, joy, and anger, Tchaikovsky was there for me as someone I could relate to and listen to. Music has been my safe place for as long as I can remember, and I truly believe it will continue to be for as long as I live. 


Hello, my name is Brian at Delaware Valley High School!

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