How to make Homemade Ice cream


- Sugar


-Vanilla extract

- Pint sized ziplock Bag

- Gallon sized ziplock Bag


- Salt

- Small Towel


Measure a tablespoon of sugar, half a cup of milk, and a teaspoon of vanilla extract into a pint sized ziploc bag. Then, in a gallon sized ziploc bag place 4 cups of ice cubes and half a cup of salt. Place the sealed pint sized ziploc bag into the gallon sized and seal it. Then wrap the bag in a towel and shake it for 5 consecutive minutes, while periodically checking the pint sized bag to make sure it is freezing. After five minutes remove the small bag from the large bag and enjoy!

As a Student at Delaware Valley i have a passion for travel and capturing the moment in a single photo.  A failure at art myself i am fascinated by others creations and works of art.

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