Can a Flipped Classroom Really Work?

Homework is the worst, especially when you're parents aren't adept at helping you. This is why so many students just skip out on homework, causing them to lose certain points toward their overall grade, and eventually leading them to do poorly on tests because they never practiced the material at home. Greg Green, principal at Clintondale High School saw his students sinking, with 35% flunking out of high school and only 63% of students going on to college. He and his staff did everything to turn things around for their students but it was ultimately Green's idea to flip the classic school schedule that did the trick.

When kids are already busy learning all day long, they then typically have extracurriculars and then head home to try to work out and process what they learned earlier that day. It's tough and the numbers prove that this method just wasn't working. So, Green's idea was to have students watch video lectures at home after school and do their "homework" during the day at school, with teachers on-hand to assist. It gives students time to watch the lectures at their own pace, for their own unique attention spans and then ask questions about the actual assignments with their teacher instead of racking their parents' brains or their own all night.

Thankfully, Green's initiative worked and turned the numbers around fast at Clintondale. In two years, Clintondale's failure rate dropped from 35% to 10% and college enrollment went up from 63% to 80%. Clintondale's success and followed suit because with numbers like that, you can't deny that this was a necessary and effective change.


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