College is becoming a money making biz

The next step after high school for most kids is college, whether that be a four year university, a two year community college, or a technical school. The main problem is affording it.As inflation increases, typically so does tuition. In the past few years, colleges have been increasing their tuition by double the inflation rate. 

Think about how much college tuition will be for the next generation if this trend continues. Just a few decades ago, most of our parents were not paying nearly the amount we do for college today. Yes, there are student loans, but I should not have to worry about paying off student debt while I'm still in my 40s — something I know many people are doing today. I have friends in college who will graduate at 22 $40,000 in debt.

We all complain about wanting our society to be less uneducated, and poor yet to attain a college degree is practically unaffordable. College is becoming a business. They don't care about what really matters: our education. I should be able to work hard to go to a college I want without having to worry about money, but because of the exorbitant prices of tuition, I and many others, may have to say no to certain colleges simply because of the overpriced tuition. Education is an equalizer in our country; we can not allow colleges and even the government to prevent anyone from gaining a good education. I refuse to be denied getting the college education I want to be successful in life simply because I can not afford it. 

Hi I'm Emily and I am a junior and a News Co-Editor on the Del.Aware staff!

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