Album Review: George Ezra's Staying at Tamara's

English singer-songwriter George Ezra released his second album Staying at Tamara’s on March 23 and has received positive reviews from music critics and fans.

The album opens with “Pretty Shining People” that showcases Ezra’s ability to combine meaningful lyrics with upbeat music to create an inspirational, contemporary song.

My favorite lyric is “I fear I'm on an island in an ocean full of change” because the thought of being surrounded by constant change is something many teenagers, especially high school seniors, can relate to. Teenagers can be overwhelmed by change at first, and it is comforting to know other people have doubts about it as well.

The songs “Shotgun” and “Don’t Matter Now” are two of my favorites because of the messages they convey and the easygoing tone associated with them. They are songs that I find myself singing along to whenever I listen to the album, and I recommend them to anyone looking for an escape from everyday stress and troubles.

Many people might recognize Ezra’s 2014 album Wanted on Voyage because it includes the song “Budapest,” which found itself at No.  32 on Billboard Hot 100 chart in 2015.

With Ezra’s evident talent for music making, the album is a guaranteed hit for any music enthusiast and recommended to anyone looking for new tunes ring in the summer with. 

I'm a senior at Delaware Valley High School! 

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