Black Mirror Review

Famed to be the electronic aged “Twilight Zone”, the Netflix original series “Black Mirror” has taken thriller fans by storm with its horrifying premises and haunting allusions.

The four seasons are set in an eerie unspecified dystopian future. Though all episodes are unrelated to each other, a common theme of flawed futuristic technologies prevails throughout most. Whether it be a dating program that claims to match perfect couples yet disables the true love of two characters, a mere social media rankings determining social caste, or a military program that alters the eyes of soldiers, “Black Mirror” certainly touches upon the dangers our advanced society can lead to and commonly overlooked yet dark psychological features of the human mind.

I personally found the new season to be absolutely riveting and wonderfully terrifying. Some episodes resumed the unique and thrilling terrors the show is known for while others experimented with more sensitive and deep topics that exposed the underlying dark and loving core of human nature.  If you are looking to test out this critically acclaimed series, some of the episodes I believe to be the best are “Nosedive”, “Fifteen Million Merits”, “Shut Up and Dance” and “Metalhead.” However, I will warn you that after binging this series, you may find the horrifying scenarios to be all too real in our modern day society.

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