App Review: HQ Trivia

Imagine an app that gives you the opportunity to win thousands of dollars by simply answering twelve questions correctly. Seems fake right? This actually exists as an app known as HQ Trivia.  The designers Rus Yusupov and
Colin Kroll launched the app in August of 2017 and its success has skyrocketed since.  Currently, 400,000-600,000 people go on the play the game each day at 3pm eastern on weekdays and 9pm eastern. Players are given 10 seconds to answer each question and as soon as one is answered incorrectly, you are eliminated from the game. Those who answer all correctly split the prize among the other winners. The current minimum prize is $2,500, but the prize has been as high as $18,000 on occasion.

Despite sounding great, the app does have several issues. For one, you can not collect your prize through PayPal until you have won at least $20 and you must collect the prize within 90 days of winning. While this may not seem difficult, the average amount earned is between $10 and $12. Even though the game is just 12 questions long, they are difficult enough to make the chance of winning the $20 minimum quite unlikely within such a short span of time. Also, the game is growing so fast that there is often lag and glitches that can delay the game. Even so, the game has the ability to draw hundreds of thousands of players to it each day with the remote possibility of winning a small prize. 

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