Drakes' album, "More Life" was released on March 13th, 2017. Before really sitting down and thoroughly listening to every track, you can tell Drake had  some English influences. On the album, he had 4 different tracks with 3 different English artists. These artist are known as Giggs, Sampha, and Jorja Smith. He also has some tracks which include samples from other British artista such as Skepta (who has his own interlude on the album) and Nana Rouges. At the end of some tracks , you can hear samples from some other British artists, possibly doing interviews and/or podcast. Lastly, throughout some of his songs, he uses popular Brit slang such as "yutes" or youth.

The song "4422" features Sampha. Sampha sings the entire song while Drake is not heard on the track. The lyrics "4422...we build it up to break halfway through..." are repeated multiple times. Most tracks on the album area easily understandable. However,  the lyrics on this track on indecipherable. There are theories on what the lyrics and song could mean. 

One theory is that the song is about a broken relationship. Because 22 is half of 44, they connect it to the lyric: "we build it up to break it HALF way through." Makes sense, I know. However, there are more theories. Some listeners believe that the song refers to the Bible scripture Isaiah 44:22, which talks about forgiveness. It is believed that the song is someone confronting their ex partner and seeking forgiveness. I get it, I get it. The last theory is much simpler.  44 is the country code of the UK while 22 is the country code of Sierra Leone. Sampha is a BRITISH artist from SIERRA LEONE.

Each theory makes a lot of sense, but I, personally, want to hear the meaning from Drake or Sampha! 

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