A Reflection on my High School Experience

Reflection on High school

Coming to a new school as a freshman in high school can be very intimidating and scary. No one really knows what to expect and how to get used to the new environment. Freshman year is when you really get to know who you are and who you are going to become. It's a time to meet new people and make friendships that will last a lifetime. It may seem impossible because some people might not go to the same high school as you did. It is a time to also get serious about school work because it will greatly effect your college decisions. Even as a freshmen, one must think ahead because it'll be difficult to get it together by the end of your senior year.

Your second year as a high school student should be easier to adapt to because you already know what the environment is like and won't be as scared as the first year. You would also be more used to the teachers and everyone around you, already with friends. As time goes on, you learn to get the hang out it and how everything works in your school. It'll feel more comfortable as time goes on and you'll grow closer bonds with certain people. It is also a time that you realize who your real friends are because it's a time where true friendships are tested. Junior year is known to be one of the most stressful ones because it's when you take your SATs and other college exams. Also figuring what you want to do with the rest of your life and what steps to take in order to achieve that.

Senior year can also be very stressful at the beginning because you are constantly worrying about sending college applications out and getting your life together in order to succeed. Worrying about college essays and doing as best as you possibly can in order to get into your dream college. Once you've decided what colleges to apply to, you wait to hear back to see your options for the future. Senior year you gain friendships that will last long after high school because you've grown up together and have learned a lot from your friends. You've also grown a lot as a person from being an incoming freshmen into a mature senior who is heading off to college. Once you've gotten accepted to colleges and are just waiting to graduate, it's a good time to really focus on making memories out of your last few months left as a high school student.

I am currently a senior at AMSU and I hope to attend New York City College of Technology in the Fall.

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