Did You Know: Vincent van Gogh

During his lifetime, Vincent van Gogh was not regarded in the same way he is today. While alive, van Gogh had a tough time selling his art. However, after his death, his art began to sell and he became a legend in the art field. Now, van Gogh serves as an inspiration for artists and is famous for his unique style.

Vincent van Gogh’s art was not taken seriously while he was alive. Although he worked vigorously, making over 900 pieces in his short life, he was not selling as many as he wanted to. Nowadays, van Gogh is considered to be an icon in the art field. His unique brushstrokes have become a symbol and staple for van Gogh and are now recognizable. It was not always like this for his though. People, at first, did not take him seriously, They considered his art to be too outlandish because his style had not been done ever before. Van Gogh’s different art style was what brought him to fame after his death. This, on top of his death, propelled him to success and gave him his status as a legend and icon.

While alive, van Gogh experimented with new techniques which were not commonly used or seen before. Vincent van Gogh’s art style did not fit into any of the categories that existed during the time. His uniqueness made him stand out. He also is infamous for cutting part of his ear off and drinking yellow paint. His mental illnesses made him different and heavily influenced his art.

Overall, Vincent van Gogh is now a highly regarded artist due to his tragic life and unique art style. His defined brush strokes and gloomy atmosphere in his paintings, on top of his tragic death, made him relevant. He is now beloved by many art fans and is highly respected by many in the art field.

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