What’s Wrong with Twitter and Instagram

Many people have Twitter and Instagram and love it. Most people use it in everyday life, especially teenagers in middle school and high school. But Twitter and Instagram can cause problems like cyber-bullying and spreading lies about other people. I would rather stay away from those apps. I’ll explain why I do not like these apps at all.

First, I want to say I hate Twitter the most because it causes more problems, and not just for teenagers, but for the adults too. For an example, Donald Trump uses Twitter every single day, and he says things through Twitter that he shouldn’t say. It is getting him in trouble for a lot of things. There also could be cyber-bullying where people say things that aren’t true just to hurt someone’s feeling. Many people commit suicide because of this.  Many people in school think about committing suicide and sometimes do it because of cyber-bullying. For Instagram, I think it's really pointless. All you have to do is take selfies and post them. It is mostly like facebook but without all the comments and communities. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with Instagram. I just think it’s pointless to have it.

So, those are my thoughts on Instagram and Twitter. Even though I’m a teenager, I am not so big on Instagram and Twitter. I would rather use Facebook and Google+. Those two I use a lot. I’m not really into social media because it causes too much stress and drama. So, I think Twitter and Instagram are a big waste of time and data, although many people don’t think so. And I am not forcing others to quit using those two apps because of this article, I’m just putting out my opinion.

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