Teen Finances

Being financially stable is the hardest part of being a young adult in today's  society. Though this may seem like something that is minor for a teenager, it is definitely something most of us struggle with. We want to be seen as responsible and mature, but our financial status is a major endeavor. Being able to provide the simple things for yourself is something that we truly desire to do without the help of  our parents. Most times many teenagers began to work at very young ages and actually working multiple jobs at a time. For others it may be quite a problem trying to find employment that does not have certain requirements. Being a first time worker looking for work, it is definitely hard to find good paying jobs that accept with only volunteer work on your resume.

Another essential point is the reasons as to why many teenagers actually work. Some students work hard in order to help provide extra support to their family. Many families only have one parent to dispense for the entire home, so with the help of one child out of the family to help financially, can make a considerable difference to the parent. In a very similar way, to helping provide for the family many teenagers also save up for college, in order to take a burden off of their parents. These are just the significant reasons as to why teenangers work. Financially many teenagers are never actually stable, they result in asking their parents for some extra support for things like lunch money, going out with their friends, or  simple things like money to get your hair done, and your nails.

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