Makeup- Natasha Denona Palette

Natasha Denona's sunset palette has been a hit in the beauty community. The palette consist of 15 eye shadows. These eye shadows vary from matte, chrome, metallic, and crystal.  The eye shadows are very warm toned and pigmented. With the different techniques of application, everyone gets a different look.   

Although this palette's price range is high, you are paying for great quality and a good variety of pigmented shadows.  This palette provides long lasting shadows, that are water-resistant, and are formulated with mica to help hydrate the lids. This is a very important factor because,  it makes the palette unique and many makeup gurus enjoy it as well. 

The palette is animal cruelty free and free of talc. Talc also known as talcum powder, is a powder that is usually found in all cosmetic palettes. Most times the talcum powder is perfumed and can be a major dislike to many consumers. In my opinion, though this palette is very pricey, it is must have/desire for the simple fact that the eye shadows are very pigmented and you get what you pay for. Quality is always better than quantity, and this palette executes that very well.

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